Jam Morales

I am Elyn Jean G. Felarca a.k.a. "Jam Morales", a Filipino by birth residing in the Philippines. I love reading, sports (table tennis, volleyball, biking and running) and nature trailing.   

Music has played a great part in my early life as I was exposed at a very young age. I found the love for jazz while listening to a man playing on the piano so vibrantly while whistling. I was so intrigued with the natural smooth sound of jazz that it led me to seek out jazz lovers' as well as jazz groups/organizations. As I continued to educate myself more about jazz, I was introduced to CEO Ronald Holloway, KSGR dba Smooth Grove Radio "The Vibe". It has been my pleasure to join the Smooth Grove Radio "The Vibe" family as their Virtual Networking/Communications Officer and Wine Club Coordinator. Now, I feel more connected to the jazz genre as I am privileged to listen to great signed/unsigned artists, composers, etc. while communicating with others locally and internationally about jazz.  


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