J3... Hela

Justin-Lee Schultz, Jamie-Leigh Schultz and Jaden Baker personify joy.  “Music takes me to my happy place,” shares Justin. “As soon as I start playing or listening to my favorite artists, any bad emotions fade away.”  His sister Jamie adds, “It helps me express myself when words fail,” while Jaden confides, “It’s my first love. Music provides a specific peace for me that nothing and no one else can.” Every now and then, special artists come along with mind-blowing abilities and an intuitive sense that is well beyond their years.  J3 are those types of musicians.  J3’s youthful exuberance is tempered with serious musicianship, deep reverence for their predecessors and an eye towards the future. “We work so well together because we have a real friendship and respect for one another and have a lot of fun,” says Justin. “What I love about being in this group is that we know how to joke and have fun, but we also understand when it's time to lock in and focus!” declares Jaden. J3’s anticipated trio debut, Opus 1, is set for release on Shanachie Entertainment, April 15, 2022. Danny Weiss, VP of Shanachie’s Jazz A&R states, “J3's brilliance, passion and awesome chops are off the charts.  The fact that they are just in their teens makes you believe in reincarnation.” Opus 1, is a thrilling collection of eleven tracks that shine a spotlight on the trio's far-reaching influences from Pop, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Gospel and beyond.  In addition to stunning originals, there are also memorable tributes to Chick Corea, the King of Pop and Jeff Lorber.

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